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Petite Calivigny, St George's

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Grenada is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and Petite Calivigny is probably the most spectacular location on the island. This is where construction is currently underway to create this world-class, one-of-a-kind, 100 room resort complex that will offer our clients an upscale environment for the vacation experiences of a lifetime.

The Point at Petite Calivigny will be divided into discreet zones to cater to every class of vacationer from party-oriented singles, whose tastes go beyond Ibiza, couples seeking a do-not-disturb romantic getaway, yoga practitioners yearning for a Caribbean retreat or high-energy families looking for fun in an endless sun and the latest water sport toys afloat. The entire resort is a playground for “kids” of all ages.

The entire resort enjoys a 180 degree westward-facing seascape that guarantee spectacular sunsets every evening. Virtually everywhere you turn are spectacular views, including calivigny Island, Hog Island and the marine sanctuary of Woburn.

Its seven pristine and totally private acres slope down to a private deep water marine facility adjacent to the private beach. Virtually everywhere you turn are spectacular views, including Calivigny Island, Hog Island, and the marine sanctuary of Woburn Bay.

Yet as secluded as The Point is, your residence will be a mere 15 minutes from Maurice Bishop International Airport - serviced by major carriers from North and South America, Europe and the Caribbean - fine restaurants and exciting local and international festivals. Grenada's magnificent rain forests, hiking trails, gorgeous beaches, world renowned coral reefs and more are just a short drive or sail away.

But of all the activities you'll find here on the magnificent island of Grenada, the most enjoyable will be reminding yourself what a smart investment you made in your residence at The Point at Petite Calivigny.

This world-class, one-of-a-kind, 100 room resort complex is located on it’s own little corner of paradise. The lush, totally private grounds slope down to a pristine white sand beach and a modern deep- water marine facility that is designed to appeal to the mega-yacht crowd who regularly visit these waters. The entire resort enjoys a 180° westward-facing seascape that guarantees spectacular sunsets every evening.

Beau Jardin at The Point will consist of twelve condominiums, each one beautifully designed in the vernacular of contemporary West Indian architecture, albeit filled today's most modern amenities.

Each condominium will have the look and feel of an individual home. We've situated these beautifully landscaped residences around a stunning free-form pool and yoga pavilion that provides an ambiance of privacy akin to living in a small village.

The Antibe Villas

The AntibesVillas at The Point will consist of four exquisite boutique villas. Each villa offers the luxury and quality you, your family and your success deserves -

from your private swimming pool to the custom windows and doors, to appliances and fixtures found only in the finest of homes.

We believe that a setting as magnificent as The Point at Petite Calivigny deserves homes that do justice to their beautiful surrounding.

Luxury Finishes

In keeping with the luxury atmosphere you would expect to surround you when you enter your residence at The Point, all fittings, finishes and materials will be of the highest possible standard. Custom ceramics,

selected local Greenheart wood, imported silks and hand crafted furniture with a European flair. All designed to reflect your own personal style and excellent taste.

Perhaps you'll find this the most attractive feature of all:

Our dedication to preserving the pristine environment in every aspect of the site's development and operation.

The developer of The Point has deep and special ties to Grenada, having grown up on the island, swimming in its crystal clear waters, walking on its flawless beaches, and hiking its lush trails to majestic waterfalls.

His commitment to using environmentally responsible building materials as well as eco-friendly building methodologies and practices is rooted in his love for Grenada's natural and abundant beauty.

So, yes, The Point offers a truly luxurious lifestyle, but it is one that, in every important way, is in harmony with its natural surroundings.

By offering a unique mix of cutting-edge design and a passion for food, fashion, music and entertainment, the creators of The Point are totally committed to creating a resort that will become

The Caribbean resort destination from the first moment it opens it’s doors to the world.





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